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Mesokombinat-Promet doo Leskovac is a modern meat industry registered for import and export of meat. It is located in Turekovac, approximately 10 kilometers away from the city of Leskovac. On 8 hectares of land it posses a slaughterhouse, processing factory, and auxiliary buildings adding up to an area 7000 square meters.

The capacity of the slaughterhouse is: 90 large stock, 300 pigs and 1000 lambs daily, while the processing capacities are over 15 tones per shift.

Mesokombinat-promet in its production program has all kinds of fresh meat, as well as over 60 processed products. A special place is reserved for Leskovac grill meat (Leskovačko roštilj meso), a product with the longest tradition.

Mesokombinat-promet employs over 157 employees in 5 divisions, which are: slaughterhouse, processing factory, administration, maintenance department and 3 butcher shops.

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