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Grill meat

Grill (skara) is a simple device consisting of a metal box in which charcoal is burned, covered with a metal grill on top on which special grill meat is cooked. It is said that no other devices such as electric grills, gas grills, pans, ovens etc can outrun the quality and taste of meat cooked on old fashion grills. With the wide usage and effectiveness grill has become necessity for making great meat specialties.

Although grill specialties have come to our country from Kavkaz, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia, through time and specific method of food preparation it has distanced from its origins and has become Serbian grill (Skara in Serbian) specifically Leskovac Grill. It has been considered that grill cookin method has appeared on Balkans and Serbia in XVIII century, when the meat sticks (cevapi) have been mentioned. The Serbian term grill stick (cevap) and Turkish (kebab) have a name similarity and origin, but the difference in spices, meat and method of preparation is such that each country can call it domestic specialty. Even through out Serbia, method of grill meat preparation is different, although Leskovac is the city with longest and richest tradition in Serbia, with most famous grill chefs in the world.

Until late 20th century there have not been any meat mincing machines the ones we use now, grill meat had to be prepared using other methods, such as chopping tiny bits of meat on a wood log. Today we can not image producing grill meat without huge mincing machines.

Many barbeque chefs have spread the tradition of preparing grill meat around the world and brought it fame. Today it is widely known throughout Serbia and Balkans.

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